Hatha Yoga

“The goal during yoga practice is to challenge yourself physically, but not to feel overwhelmed. At this ‘edge’, the focus is on your breath while your mind is accepting the calm

–Harvard Medical School

Hatha yoga is a branch of yoga. The Sanskrit word เคนเค  hatha literally means ‘force’ and combines poses and breathing to help the practitioner to find strength and balance in the body, so the mind is free to venture on to other aspects of the yoga practice.

The Hatha Healing Yoga for All class is designed to meet your body where it is in your fitness level. It’s simple…but not easy, with lots of modifications so you can feel results almost immediately without injury. This is a great class to start your journey into the world of yoga, or a tool to reach a specific wellness goal.

Classes are $20 a session, but during this time when our neighbors and friends are trapped inside and need the healing power of yoga more now than ever, we won’t be turning anyone away over finances; if you’re short on cash, pay what you can and join us anyway.