Dance as a Reward

Let’s face it: the last few months have been a challenge for most of us. We’re worried about the health of our loved ones, we’re confused about the varied information coming from officials that should be guiding us through this pandemic, we’re trying to figure out where the balance is between letting life pass us by, and keeping our loved ones safe. And with more information available to us than ever, the answers often lead to more confusion, and more questions.

And that’s why you should dance!

No, dance won’t chase away the corona virus. It won’t tell you whether sending your children back to school will be safe or not. It won’t keep your father-in-law from insisting that he needs to be the one to go to the supermarket even though you’re happy to run the store errands for him and it won’t keep your favorite teachers from getting sick.

But dance is wonderful for stress! Dance was also found to increase life satisfaction, according to a 2008 study in the American Journal of Health Education.

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